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get assembly name from drawing in NX


I've my drawing opened as my first file, how to retrieve the assembly name from drawing in NX 7.5 using c++ ?


Your help is appreciated!


Re: get assembly name from drawing in NX

The question is a little vague, but is it the case that the assembly is the sole immediate component of the drawing part file?  If so we can probably help you find it.  If your setup is something else entirely, please provide more detail to help us understand the question.  Thanks!


Re: get assembly name from drawing in NX

We want name of parts/assembly associated with darwing views using c++.

Our aplication (.exe) flow is as below,\

1. Open the drawing files

2. Read number of sheets with drawing views

3. Get the components (part) name of views 

4. Open the main assembly file based on the views associated part name 

5. Extract all the occurances/components of main assembly 


How to identify which is the main assembly name from views associated components name.


Please help me out in getting above activiites as soon as possible.