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integrating open source C++ libraries


Through a lot of experimentation, I was able to integrate a Python package manager called Anaconda with the NX Open API.


Is it possible to do the same with cmake or an open source library like Google's Draco?


The online documentation just stated this.


When you perform linking in a C++ project, you need to include all of the library files. Due to the continuous addition of JA functions, the libnxopencpp library was reaching its physical limit, so it is split into multiple libraries. The libraries are based on the namespaces available. There are currently 35 different namespaces in NX Open, so 35 new libraries are added. Each library name starts with libnxopoencpp.

You need to refer to all of the libraries when building a new NX Open C++ application and incorporate the new library files into your existing C++ projects when modifying those.


Only linking is affected. The compilation process for NX Open programs remains the same.

The NX Open C++ wizard and uflink script are updated for the new libraries.