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license NX10

Dear all
I have a question about license file . Can I use license NX10 to run NX4 ?

Thank you

Re: license NX10

No, starting with NX 5 a new license file format is used.


For NX 4 and below you need to use the NX 4 license server.

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Re: license NX10

To be specific:

NX5 & newer use the vendor daemon "ugslmd" (note the "s")

NX4 & older (back to UGII v14 or so) use the vendor dameon "uglmd" (without the "s")


You can run *one* of each daemon on the same computer (i.e. one uglmd and one ugslmd)


(in case you're interested, UGIIv13 & earlier used ACS, not flexlm/flexnet/whatever they're calling it now)

Ken Akerboom Sr CAx Systems Engr, Moog, Inc.
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