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operation depth (depth of cut)

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How can I get the operation depth (depth of cut)?





Re: operation depth (depth of cut)

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

I'm assuming you want to get/set this with a program...

1) Have you tried recording a journal?

2) Search here or the CAM forums for "GetNCObjectParam.vb" (note it may be .txt or ZIP file)


In either case, you may need to do mutiple operation types (lathe rough, cavity mill, face/wall milling, etc.) as different operation types may use different parameters (and will definitely use different "Builder" classes)

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Re: operation depth (depth of cut)

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

Where do you want to get it?

To display it, just enable the corresponding column in the ONT.

If you need it somewhere else describe in detail in which process you like to retrieve it.

For post-processing, shop-docs or any other action that executes through MOM, enable the review tool in the appropriate output dialog.

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Re: operation depth (depth of cut)

I am guessing you want the value you see in the Operation Navigator column in the API. In this case, know that we display different values for different operations, as follows:


  • PM:             If type = user defined or fixed depth, Maximum, else <blank>
  • FM:             Depth per Cut
  • CM:            Global depth per cut
  • ZL:             Global depth per cut
  • SC:             If multi-depth cut is on, and if step = increment, Increment, else <blank>
  • Plunge Milling        Step Up
  • Drilling:      Cycle or hole Depth or if model depth, the string “Model”
  • Turning:      <blank>
  • All other operations: <blank>

The contents of the Operation Navigator column is not available directly in the API, since it is created by the UI. Best is to record a journal that changes it, then examine the journal to determine the builder and parameter. 

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