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[question] Sample code to create toolpath

Hello everyone.

I developed some custom applications on NX CAM, like some automation of cam programming that reduced 99% our time on  cam programming of blades for steam turbines. But at every way i used the default operations provided by the NX (like cavity_mill, zlevel_profile, with nx 8.5). I tried to develop some custom tool paths with mill user defined, but i only did some lines and arc with linear moves. Can you have some sample file using surfaces or lines as a guide to create custom tool paths? How is the the correct sequence to programming using this functions?


Thanks for everyone


Marco Antonio Rodrigues Silva



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Re: [question] Sample code to create toolpath



In addition to user defined operations, you may want to look at user defined drive method. In surface contouring, you can define the drive path, and let the system do the projection.


Also, have you looked at the turbomachinery operations found in mill_multi_blade?

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens

Re: [question] Sample code to create toolpath

Dear Mark,
I appreciate your comment. I studied this options (user defined drive method in surface contouring), and is a good option, but is not what i really need because i need to write the toolpath to make custom operations to reduce the cutting time (what is complicated using only the automation of the nx operation). Unfortunately, the nx don't give me the great options to machining this kind of part. I need to reduce too the time of rough operations , what i could do making this toolpath customization.
and then, i dont found some sample codes to do this.
About the mill_multi_blade, i just used this option when i worked in another company, but is not usual in this case.
Follow the link which contains the sample files about my project, to clarify my necessity.


Harpia Project (By Marco Silva)

Re: [question] Sample code to create toolpath


One of our Product Managers may contact you to learn more about your requirements.

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens