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run exe application in


I've created an exe application in using NX10 Wizard. Can you plz tell me some suggestive measures as to how we run the exe application  and interact with NX session in VB.Net?

Your help will be appreciated!





Re: run exe application in

File -> Execute -> NX Open -> Pick your program, then OK.


The shortcut for this is Ctrl+U.


Note that if you intend for your program to run within an interactive session of NX, you can build it as a shared library - a .DLL.  But when you are using NX Open .Net, you can run either a .DLL or a .EXE this way.

Re: run exe application in


One long way to execute nxopen.Net application external is to use remoting.Use remoting example in unigraphics folder.Implement your code in client application.First execute the Server application(Server.dll) using NXStartup.Then execute client in VB. If possible launch NX via using Start method from Process class (System.Diagnostics).