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select objects within specific drafting view

Hello all, i am using blockstyler to create a program which the user can use to select a drafting view and then the program limits the selection of edges to this drafting view.Is there any way to add a scope or filter to the selection block with the specified view? thanks in advance

Re: select objects within specific drafting view


Yes, you can do that with the Open C call UF_UI_set_cursor_view(), or if you are using .Net, the wrapper method for that call.


It is a good idea to first call the related UF_UI_ask_cursor_view to get the current setting.


From the docs:


Sets the current mask for selection within views. Object selection can
be made in the work view on a drawing layout only or any view, and this
routine sets the current value.

In drafting, the default is the work view so use this function if you want
to select in any view. It is recommended to call UF_UI_ask_cursor_view and
save the current value so you can set it back after changing.
int UF_UI_set_cursor_view
int new_cursor_view
int new_cursor_view Input New cursor view:
0 = Any view
1 = Work view

Re: select objects within specific drafting view

And how to set a specific drafting view to be the working view.

Re: select objects within specific drafting view


I think in Drafting, the special view that represents the drawing sheet is the work view.  Interactively the only way I can see to change that is to expand one of the member views, and when you do that, you can't see the drawing anymore.


In fact in the Open C kit, we have an old-style function, uc6449(), which is documented to "Change Work View".  However, it has this note:


"This function has no effect if a drawing is current."