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Can anyone point me to a document that covers using signcpp.exe?  I'm using version 10.


I'm looking for instructions on how to use signcpp.exe on a C program. I stumbled on something once, but can't seem to find it again.  It wasn't very helpful, as I recall.


I tried adding UGOPEN/NXSigningResource.cpp to my VS project, then built.  When I run "signcpp.exe -verify program.exe" I get this message:

Verifying files...
Error verifying application, HEEDS_NX_Interface.exe.
Application has not been compiled with NXSigningResource.cpp.
Signature is not valid


Re: signcpp.exe

StepUp's direction to the C# question lead me to the right document location. Thank you!
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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: signcpp.exe


Your description sounds about right, assuming you first ran it without the -verify.  When you use -verify, it does not perform the signing, it only checks to see if was signed previously.


This is covered in the NXOpen Programmer's Guide, under Home   NX Open   NX Open Programmer's Guide  License Checking  Signing Process:



I tried to paste it in here, but the formatting was hopelessly scrambled - if you can't find it in the docs, let me know and I'll see if I can save to a Word file or something.





Accepted by topic author mworatzeck
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: signcpp.exe

Printed the documentation of the signing process to a PDF file from Firefox via PDF creator.

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Re: signcpp.exe

Thank you for your helpful replies.  This was a lesson to me how important careful reading is.


Besides the signing procedure, which has been well covered here, there is a licensing step that I learned was necessary.  The steps below cover it.  Once they are done, you can run the signing program.


  1. An NX c_p_p_author license must be available on the NX license server used.
  2. To make the c_p_p_author license available on the machine the signing process will be run, it must be activated using the following steps.
  3. Start/All Programs/Siemens NX 10/NX Licensing Tools/Licensing Tool
  4. Bundle Settings
  5. Select Partner NX Dev from Available Bundles and move to Applied Bundles.
  6. Apply and Exit