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solid body of a revolution

i all, i need to retrieve a solid body generated after a revolution. I looked for information in Revolve feature (children, parent, entities) and don't found anything.

I also asked information to revolve feature, but nothing. 

I recorded a journal and try to use findObject function, recreating string for search in this mode:


"PROTO#.Bodies|" + journalIdentifier    =>    "PROTO#.Bodies|REVOLVED(0)"


But this don't work beacause the string in the journal is:




I don't know what is the 2 value at the end of the string.


Someone can help me???


Re: solid body of a revolution

If you have a reference to a revolve feature, you can use its .GetBodies method to get the bodies created by the revolve.

Re: solid body of a revolution

hi Phenom, thanks for your reply. 

Feature class (Features::Feature) don't have a .getBodies() function. Also the RevolveBuilder don't have it.

I use C++ programming language and the Siemens NX version is 8.5

Re: solid body of a revolution

Sorry, i must cast the Feature object in Revolve object to see the .GetBodies method. 

Now i've another problem with linked body. I use the body to create a linked body but i obtain this error: 'the linked feature could not be created beacause the selected object is within qwork part'

Re: solid body of a revolution

I solved all my problems. I must change workpart before create linked body. Now work fine.


Phenom,  thanks for your help