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trb file in ribbon bar

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dear all

I am using NX10.0.2.6 MP1 . I have a tbr file in NX (It show when use classic toolbar) .

Now I am using Ribbon bar. How to show trb file in ribbon bar toolbar ?


thank you


Re: trb file in ribbon bar

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Valued Contributor

for getting in ribbon, you have to create rtb file. Check samples available in UGII\menus\*.rtb


Thanks & Regards

Balakrishnan M

Re: trb file in ribbon bar

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

The NX documentation also contains a good tutorial on migrating tool bar files to ribbon files.

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Re: trb file in ribbon bar

The link to the document on migrating toolbar files to the ribbon is in this SFB:


                             [ Siemens PLM Software ]

                S O F T W A R E                 SFB-NX-7793
                F I E L D                       Page 1 of 1
                B U L L E T I N                 Issue Date: November 22, 2013
                                                Revision Date: N/A
                                                Supersedes: N/A
                                                Submitted By: Laurie McAllister
                                                Responsible Group: NX CAD App
                                                GTAC 800 # Option(s): 2-1

   SUBJECT:  Retirement of NX Classic Toolbar UI from the Windows platform
   Affected Software: NX
   Associated PR Number(s): N/A
   Scope: Windows 64-bit 
   Revision: N/A

   Dear Siemens PLM NX Customer,
   The choice for a Classic Toolbar user interface on Windows will be removed 
   in NX 11.  In order to ease your transition from toolbars to ribbon, NX 9 
   and NX 10 give you a choice of Ribbon Bar or Classic Toolbar mode for your 
   user interface.  This choice will be removed in NX 11 and the Ribbon Bar 
   will be the only user interface choice on Windows.  The Ribbon Bar was 
   implemented in NX 9 and provides access to more commands than the Advanced 
   role in Classic Toolbar mode with a larger graphics window.  It does all
   this with logical groupings, informative text and a mixture of icon sizes.
   In addition to these traditional aspects of the Ribbon Bar, the NX 
   ribbon is fully customizable and contains NX-specific extensions such as 
   border bars.  The result is a more organized user interface with the 
   richness of Advanced and the discoverability of Essentials.  
   All customers should educate their users on the Ribbon Bar and complete 
   migration of toolbar customization to the ribbon.  Instructions for how to 
   migrate can be found here:

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens