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udeMoveBuilder error



I'm trying to enter a Machine Control sub-operation into a Generic Motion operation via NX Open but getting an error message each time. My code is



Dim udeMoveBuilder1 As CAM.UdeMoveBuilder = genericMotionControl1.CAMMoveCollection.CreateUdeMoveBuilder(nullCAM_Move)

Dim udeSet1 As CAM.UdeSet = udeMoveBuilder1.UdeSet
Dim ude1 As CAM.Ude = udeSet1.CreateUdeByName("insert")
Dim udeParameter1 As CAM.UdeParameter = ude1.GetParameter("Instruction")
udeParameter1.StringText = "FN 15: PRINT 99"
Dim udeMove1 As CAM.ManualMove = udeMoveBuilder1.Commit()



 The error is being reported as occuring on the udeMoveBuilder1.commit line and says 


NXOpen.NXEception: Machine Control Event Tag is Null. at NXopen.Builder.Commit


I am using NX8.0. I get same error message if a journal the proceedure and then try playing the journal back. Is this just a software bug or am I missing something out. Any help would be great thanks.






Re: udeMoveBuilder error

Try calling the .Validate method of the builder object before calling the .Commit method. If .Validate returns True and .Commit throws an error, I'd suggest contacting GTAC.

Re: udeMoveBuilder error

Thanks for the suggestion cowski1. I included the line udeMoveBuilder1.Validate() before the commit line but now I get the error message

NXOpen.NXException: Machine Control Event tag is null.

I've worked out a work around where I import a new operation with the ude already. Works but not a tidy as you would want.



Re: udeMoveBuilder error

[ Edited ]

This has been a reported problem. Check out this link:


However, the better work around for this might be using User Defined Move Type to mimic your UDE, since API for User Defined Move Type works.