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visual programming?

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Does NX10 have the ability to do visual/GUI programming like LabVIEW, Rhino's grasshopper module or vvvv (


NX Open has been a great feature to work with and I am curious to explore all the customization/programming tools available in NX




Re: visual programming?

There is the block styler to create your own dialogs, if that is what you are asking for?

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Re: visual programming?

Something like max would really open NX. But I don't expect this to happen very soon, if at all. 

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Re: visual programming?

DJS wrote:

Something like max would really open NX. But I don't expect this to happen very soon, if at all. 

DJS, that is exactly what I was thinking of.  A Max/msp type interface would be amazing!


I think you can set up something somewhat close to this in Product Template Studio.

Re: visual programming?

Can you explain what you think the benefits would be, please.


It seems obvious to me that connecting two inputs and an output to a "+" box takes a lot longer than just typing "c = a + b". Also, I would guess that you'd spend a huge amount of time arranging the boxes and links on the page, trying to make them legible and comprehensible.


It seems to me that the main benefit is avoiding the need to learn language syntax.But, given things like Intellisense and good feedback from the compiler, learning language syntax is a fairly small part of writing programs, isn't it?


Re: visual programming?

I think the visual language would be at a higher level. So, current classes are blocks which you can connect. The connection will have to be very smart to figure things out. Let's say you want all parts from an assemby. 

  1. session >
  2. work part >
  3. get components >
  4. iterate over components for 1 component
  5. component has children? Do 3 else >
  6. get part from component

I think every NX user can think out a construction like this. But I don't think many can program it without learning the language, intellisense helps, but doesn't make the (invisible here) intermediate steps clear. So, the really helpful part would be in the connections from one block to another. If you go from a part block to an attribute block, the connection understands how to do this. 


If you want something more complicated, just program a class. This means you have to be able to program and the whole visual thing might not be nessecary for you.  Or, you slowly progress from a visual (easy) program to something more complicated. 


And imagine intellisense on the building blocks. So you have a part block and plot block. And intellisense could fill in possible intermediate blocks. 


You know, I would almost start on this right away. Imagine you can just draw the blocks in NX itself. I see the future!

W10 NX11.0.1