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Curves and points in pre post / FEM?


I am using NX 12 to simulate a frame. I need to add a 0D mesh to my model to act as a simple weight; to achieve this I edited my idealised model and drew a diagonal curve from point to point and added a new point in its middle. Afterwards I added a 0D mesh and connected it to my frame using 1D connections. See attachment.


Due to some design revisions I was forced to re-do my assembly and simulation. When it came to simulating, I again drew a diagonal line and added points to it. However, to my surprise the lines do not show up in my FEM - so it's impossible for me to add the 0D mesh. See attachment .


I have already ruled out not being able to see the lines due to some setting, as NX on two different systems show the lines in my first model, but do not show the lines in my second model.



TL;DR: I want to create three 0D meshes, for that I need three points in my idealised part so I can assign the 0D mesh to those points. Previously I have been able to put down those points and have them show up in my .sim and .fem files. But I don't seem to be able to replicate it.


Could anyone perhaps give me / link me to a rundown on how to do what I am trying to do here? I feel as though I am missing something that I did not forget to do when it worked. Alternatively, I would also appreciate it if someone could explain an alternate way of placing those 0D elements.


Re: Curves and points in pre post / FEM?


Okay, so after a good night of sleep and redoing my simulation I came to the solution. I am posting it here, in case anyone else has a similar problem in the future.


When creating my idealised part, I should have enabled all the CAD geometry to include. That way it will not just port over bodies, but also include curves and points. See the attachment.