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NX CAM takes production to an entirely new level with digitalization

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Volgaburmash accelerates product design and production planning time, reduces manufacturing costs with Siemens PLM Software solutions



Volgaburmash 3.pngVolgaburmash JSC is the largest Russian rock cutting tools manufacturer. They design and manufacture drill pipes and cutting tools for oil and gas, mining and construc­tion industries, serving customers in Russia, the CIS countries and more than 60 other countries. To maintain its leadership in the domestic market, Volgaburmash continuously improves product competitiveness with a focus on quality, order-to-delivery time and competi­tive pricing.  


The company’s approach to production enables it to successfully compete with the leading U.S., Swedish and Chinese manufac­turers. Volgaburmash offers a full range of highly customizable boring tools to meet customers’ needs. The key priorities are continuous technical support for the custom­er’s drilling operations and delivering an attractive price-to-performance ratio.


Recently Volgaburmash completely upgraded its manufacturing facility and replaced more than 90 percent of its equipment. The upgrade was the first stage of the company’s transformation to advanced processes, then further to digita­lization. Volgaburmash’s customers are rapidly introducing digital technologies, and the company’s primary objective is to become a partner for digitalization in the boring industry.


When digitalization emerged, the compa­ny’s level of digital technology coverage was quite low. It lacked a unified software deployment strategy. The company sought to introduce a unified approach to digital technologies.


Selecting a reliable partner


“We compared the experience of vendors with comprehensive deployment projects. All the factors led to choosing Siemens PLM Software as our partner for the digital transformation.”

Marat Matevosyan,Director General, Volgaburmash JSC


Digital twins of products and manufacturing


Volgaburmash decided to implement the digitalization project in stages, beginning with the design stage and continuing through manufacturing. The company wanted to establish a concurrent, collab­orative approach to new product development using NX software for CAD, the Simcenter portfolio of simulation solu­tions, and Teamcenter software for PLM. This integrated software platform enables Volgaburmash to build parametric product models and easily switch from new prod­uct design to product configuration. It has also enabled the creation of product digital twins.


The project continued to the production planning stage with the use of Teamcenter Manufacturing and NX CAM software.  Advanced computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools perform 100 percent of the machining operations. NX CAM and Teamcenter Manufacturing have taken the production to an entirely new level in which all manufacturing processes are virtually verified prior to running on actual CNC machines.


Volgaburmash has created a digital twin of the entire factory for optimal production utilization. A key aspect is the end-to-end change management capability embracing every product development stage. The new digital technologies enable much faster changes, and the change effects are tracked instantly and automatically. Siemens PLM Software technologies have enabled the company to eliminate paper drawings and conventional manufacturing documents, saving significant time in product development and production.


Business challenges


  • Improve product competitiveness
  • Expand into new markets
  • Reduce order-to-delivery time
  • Optimize manufacturing cost with design standardization

Keys to success


  • Introduce a digital process for product design and manufacturing
  • Implement a unified environment for design and production planning with Teamcenter PLM and NX CAD/CAM
  • Improve NC program development efficiency and manufacturing equipment utilization
  • Pursue digitalization as a foundational strategy



  • Shortened new product development time from 4 months to 10 weeks.
  • Cut tooling facility workload by 50 percent
  • Reduced NC programming time up to 30 percent
  • Provided faster data prepara­tion and higher-quality data for production planning
  • Cut order-to-delivery time by up to 60 percent
  • Reduced manufacturing time for some parts up to 25 percent


     Volgaburmash 1.png






Published in the October 2018 issue of CADCAM Observer magazine in Russia.

Thank you for Marina Belozerova for sharing this coverage!