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NX9 CAM "Notes" Enhancement

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

Notes dialog.jpgMy last blog post was about the Description field enhancement.  Now I want to cover its companion, Notes.  Notes give the NC programmer an easy-to-use capability to convey information directly to the shop floor.  Notes can also be used to store information so that when the part is recalled for machining five years from now, important learnings from the first run-through are not forgotten.  In the picture to the right, two notes are listed (enter key forces new lines in the posted output as well).


In addition to the Notes dialog, a Notes column has been added to the Operation Navigator.  Hovering over the Notes in the Navigator causes them to popup (similar to comments in a spreadsheet).

Notes popup.jpg


Notes are available for post processing use as well.  The general format for the note is mom_object_notes, and some examples are mom_operation_notes, mom_geometry_notes, mom_tool_notes, mom_method_notes, and mom_program_notes. However, since the Notes variable is an array (each new line of the notes field results in another array line), handling output of the notes is a little trickier than the description.  See the video for an example of how this is handled.



(view in My Videos)



Jim closeup 100x100.jpgJim has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Central Missouri. He has over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, and over 25 years of experience in the CAD/CAM field. He serves as Field Support for Siemens PLM CAM products. Prior to his current role, he held stints as CNC Programmer, CAD/CAM Department Manager, CAD/CAM instructor, and Project Coordinator for Siemens PLM CAM software development.  He is a founding member of Speling -n- Grammar Association.






how to define maximum range depth in shop doc.



Can you explain how to incorporate these into the excel based shop docs?


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That's great news.  Waited almost two decades for more flexibility in passing notes to the operator!

I would just add "string toupper" command in the postbuilder before outputting the notes for obvious reasons.  Many controls don't display correctly (or at all) lower case text.


Jerry M.




But how do we get them to shop docs? Whats the point of notes if you can't add them to the setup sheet....Who wants to scroll through programs?

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At one of the user conferences NX people were saying that they are trying to make all variables available in shopdocs?!?! 


Jim listed them as:








Did you try using those in shopdocs?


Yes. No luck. Gives an error. Thats why I posted asking how to incorperate them into the shop docs.




The notes are passed as an array.

For example, this operation has 5 lines in the notes, so these are the mom variables seen when I turn on the review tool:


Var: mom_operation_notes[0] = This is the first roughing operation.
Var: mom_operation_notes[1] =
Var: mom_operation_notes[2] = History
Var: mom_operation_notes[3] = 2013-04-06  mjr  Released to shop.
Var: mom_operation_notes[4] = 2013-04-17  mjr  Changed stepover to 70% after running first article.




When I try any of these in the shop docs I get error saying "No such variable"



I suspect you are looking for the variables before they are defined.

I would turn on the review tool, and make sure you are referencing them after the event that sets the variables.


For example, if the shop doc is cycling operations, you will not get the notes until you encounter each operation.

Siemens Creator

Hello Mark or Enyone that might know,


So, can this notes be added to the Shop Doc? since it is an array, how is it set? Im new with this tool, so I am currently starting to gather documentation to customize it, and the most important thing I want to display are the notes.




@PabloMF The same mom variables that are used in postprocessing are also available in shop docs. If you turn on the review tool you can see where they are output. I don't know the details of adding this to shopdocs - it requires writing tcl. For reference, this is the code used in postprocessing:

proc PB_CMD_output_operation_notes { } {
#  Output operation notes one line at a time.
#  Add this to the Start of Path event. 
   global mom_operation_notes

  # If notes are defined, output each line of text from the array.
   if { [info exists mom_operation_notes] && [array exists mom_operation_notes] } {

      OPERATOR_MSG "------------------- Operation Notes ----------------------"
      foreach i [lsort -integer [array names mom_operation_notes]] {
         if [info exists mom_operation_notes($i)] {
         OPERATOR_MSG "$mom_operation_notes($i)"
		OPERATOR_MSG "----------------------------------------------------------"

     # Clear for next operation
      array unset mom_operation_notes

One more thing - be sure you take a good look at work instructions before you invest too much time in cusomizing shop docs. Work instructions are the way going forward.