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Teamcenter Workflow Initial Task Signoff


When initiating a workflow in Teamcenter, it appears that the userid which initiated the process must be the userid which MUST signoff the first task.  Perhaps I am doing something wrong and this is not necessarilly the case. 


Scenario:  User A initiates a new workflow process and  the task moves to the the first task/ step.  It is residing in the appropriate Resource Pool.  User B selects this task from the Resource Pool and works on it.  When ready to sign off, selecting the 'Completed' radio button and [OK] button you get an error: 38060 Property Desription is not modifiable, 51003 You do not have write access to object...


Looking at the ACL, I see User B does have promote and write access, so what is preventing the completeion of the task?


Is there a 'built-in' rule that only the workflow initiator can sign off the initial task?  If so, can this be changed?




Scott Taylor


Re: Teamcenter Workflow Initial Task Signoff

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

Hi Scott,


I have ran into similar issues however I was not dealing with a resource pool.   What I did to resolve this problem was to ensure that the Workflow ACL was set in Start action of the task so that the targets where assigned the correct ACL.  In one or two cases I also had to do this in the Complete action of the task as well.


Hope this helps


Tim Dow