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PLM World Member Creator

Welcome to the #PLMConx 2017 event group! This is the place to stay up to date on everything related to #PLMConx '17, from the agenda to speakers to the Golf outing! You can also connect with other attendees, ask questions and provide feedback. We look forward to helping you make your #PLMConx experience more successful!


Who can join?

Anyone can join in the discussion! By clicking "join group" you will get automatically subscribed to receive notifications when new content is posted; a great way to make sure you get all of the latest information about the event, as soon as it's available.


Ask questions & get answers about the event

Got a question about #PLMConx '17? Feel free to ask any #PLMCon related questions you may have for our team or previous #PLMCon attendees.


Connect with other attendees

Looking to connect  with other attendees using a specific product, or from the same industry during the conference?  We encourage you to use the #PLMCon board to make connections by creating a new thread to share your interest. You can then plan a time and place to meet up during pockets of free time throughout the conference.


Share your ideas and feedback

Whether you will be attending the conference or following us on the web, we look forward to your suggestions for improvements, or any ideas you may have!  Let us know what you enjoyed from previous events, what you missed & what you'd like to see next.