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Time Data Selection

Hi there,

I try to do some psychoacoustic analysis with the add-in "sound quality metrics". Therefor i need to select a data source in "Time Data Selection". However when I put a whole section or the "Throughput" into the "Input basket" and try to "Add" or "Replace" the data, there is a error that says

"Selected data source contains no data. Current dataset did not change"

What's the problem?

Thanks for any help!


Re: Time Data Selection



Thanks for your post. It looks to me like you are using simulation/test software for psychoacoustic analysis, for example, LMS? If that's the case, please could you submit your question in the "Simcenter Test Forum":




(The "PLM Components" forum has been designed for software developers who use "PLM Components", so our users probably won't have the expertise to help you I'm afraid).


I hope you'll find the solution you're looking for in the Simcenter Test Forum!


Best regards,