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Downloading presentations after PLM World 2016

Is it possible to download all the presentations at once?  This would be much easier than going through each link!


Re: Downloading presentations after PLM World 2016

Although I would like it too, one problem is that people are still updating the presentation files.

In theory, they could add a button to "ZIP everything as of now", but I'm not sure if that can be easily achieved on their platform.



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Re: Downloading presentations after PLM World 2016


Thanks Ken for your response! You are correct, we do have some still updating files and a Zip everything button is not possible on our platform. Although we are working on it and there are some options to help the process in the meantime...


You can bulk download by topic:

If you go to ANY topic in the 2016 presentation file module, change the si to ex in your page URL and it will allow you to export all files in that topic. We recommend using the “Start” button next to the To export all files field, as we don't have any hidden files. It will send you an email with a links to a bunch of zip files.


So for example, if you are in the 2016 file library:

You click on the file library for: Business Process Improvement - Product Configuration & Change Management> the url is (replace si with ex). 


This should help speed the process along, especially if you are interested in multiple presentations under one topic. 



We are currently making sure we have all missing and final presentation files uploaded, then we will do this process for every topic, load it into a master zip file and post a link to that file. Our target is to have that up by the end of next week. 



Thank you,



Sarah Sandag

Event Coordinator

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Siemens PLM Connection Americas– Indianapolis, IN, – May 8-11, 2017

Re: Downloading presentations after PLM World 2016

I'm not seeing any capability to download all presentations at once yet like Sarah mentioned. Did I miss it somewhere, did I misunderstand what she was describing, or is that link still not available?




Brian Horne

Re: Downloading presentations after PLM World 2016

Hi Brian, 


Thanks for the message and so sorry we didn't post an update sooner. Unfortunately we are still having some technical difficulty with this. One large link was not working on our site we were finding, the file is so huge we will still probably have to post links to zip files in smaller chunks. Our web support is currently working on this. In the meantime I do have a dropbox folder that we've been sharing the link on a by request basis. I'll be happy to email you the link to the address we have listed in our PLM World member database. 


Thank you!

Re: Downloading presentations after PLM World 2016



Is it possible to provide zip files of PLMWorld presentations of previous years too ( 2008 - 2015 ) ?




Re: Downloading presentations after PLM World 2016

Hi Sreenivas,


Thank you for reaching out. 


Unfortunately, we are not able to provide the presentations via zip files for 2008-2015. We do have all presentations for 2016 available. Here is the link to help you navigate the process.


We will be able to provide access to presentations for all Siemens PLM Connection - Americas events moving forward as well.


That being said, please let me know if there is a specific presentation you are interested in reviewing. I will see if I can help you locate it.


Thank you.


Erin Wander

PLM World 

Community Engagement Strategist



Re: Downloading presentations after PLM World 2017

Is there zip file(s) available for dowloading PLM World 2017 presentations ?