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Further Defining the model-based definition

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PLM World Member Creator

The Purdue PLM Center is conducting a Delphi study in an attempt to gather information on the use of Model-Based Definition (MBD) within engineering/manufacturing workflows. Our goal is to better understand how annotated 3D models can be used instead of drawings in particular workflows.  This research will attempt to characterize a Minimum Information Model that captures the minimum amount of information needed to communicate with an annotated 3D model, and to define any Common Information Elements that cross multiple, domain-specific workflows within the lifecycle of a product.


The Delphi study format consists of an initial survey, with follow-up surveys consisting of revised questions based on feedback gathered from the previous rounds of information. You have been identified as a resourceful candidate who can provide vital feedback for our survey.  We hope you are willing to participate in our study, and by choosing to participate, we hope that you are willing to provide feedback for all stages of the survey. The link to begin the survey is:


However, this study is voluntary, and any participants are able to withdraw from the study at any time for any reason.


If you have any questions about the research study, please contact Dr. Nathan Hartman at or by phone at 1-765-496-6104.


Thank you!