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MIdwest Regional User Group Meeting

Many thanks to all those who organized, participated and attended the Midwest PLM World conference. It was great to see how the Siemens PLM products are maturing along with their customer base.  Fabulous job!

For me personally, this was a chance to reconnect with some past (and graying) acquaintances and friends and the opportunity to meet new users, designers and engineers of all ages. If you have a regional group make it a priority to attend! 


A special thanks to RUG committee members and local SPLM office staff for organizing and support a successful event.


I'd also like to thank 3M for hosting this event in the 3M Innovation Center. If you ever get a chance to do the 3M company tour at the center do it! It's amazing what kind of different products can come out of a single idea when you can collaborate with others! Simply amazing!


Re: MIdwest Regional User Group Meeting

Great to see the MidWest Regional Users group thriving under the leadership of local users.

Re: MIdwest Regional User Group Meeting

I also enjoyed this event!  It was very well organized, well attended, lots of good presentations, and outstanding facilities! 


Thank you 3M - what a tour and an opportunity to learn how collaboration can really turn one small success into a huge fortune!  At 3M they allow up to 15% of a persons time for cross collaborating with other departments. From this, many new products and ideas have matured. 


Thanks to the RUG Leaders - without them this wouldn't have been as enjoyable!


BTW - It's an honor to be one of those Ryan was referring to as graying.  Smiley Happy