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PLM Events App

Is anyone else having issues with the app?  I can't even log into it, and have tried emailing doubledutch for support and I am told that:

"the event oprganizers are still adding attendes into the system for this event" 


Just trying to figure out when we will be able to use the app.


Re: PLM Events App

I will look into it for you. We are not planning on using the app for social media though until a week before the event!

Accepted by topic author Kaleva
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: PLM Events App

I just spoke with Sarah at PLM World. She has said that the app will launch later next week.

Re: PLM Events App

[ Edited ]

Anyone else have trouble posting a message on the app this morning? (Friday May1) Mine says: "Couldn't post update, please try again", & never works.

Yesterday I had to re-enter my (long-forgotten) password, and now I've dropped off the leaderboard. Boo hoo hoo ...   PL


Edit for later in the morning - nevermind ... the post finally went thru. Must be some early morning app maintenance that slowed the process down ;^)

Re: PLM Events App

So sorry for the trouble. Glad you were able to post! 


Hopefully you are right about the early morning updating making it slow moving but I will check in with our app provider Double Dutch to see what they say about the issue. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. 


Happy Friday!