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PLM World wants to know!

What are the three most important member benefits you receive from PLM World?


Re: PLM World wants to know!

Here are the top 3 benefits I recieve from PLM World

  1. Platform has a bearing on process.  Having a community that can speak process/tool together apples to apples is helpful.  To be able to benchmark and help one another mature and evolve is immeasurable. 
  2. Connection with Siemens Product Managers to understand product/module strategy and work collaboratively to influence the product's direction
  3. Great friends.  Good smart people who I respect.  PLM is the foundation for the digital engineering house.  Foundations are often taken for granted (until they are a problem).  People that see these foundational needs are also smart enough to realize that often commiting to work this critical path will come with little reward, BUT they do it anyway!  Amazing. 

Re: PLM World wants to know!

Thank you for your feedback!



Re: PLM World wants to know!

The three things that I found the most beneficial membership benefits are:

1) The changes to gain networking between the different users that are dealing with the same enviroment as I am, along with the networking with Siemens individuals that we only get to deal with on a phone.


2) Seeing the future growth plans for Siemens applications and the roadmaps for their different product lines.  This would also include their interaction with the partners that are developing for this future roadmap.


3) The ability to have a voice on issues, changes, enhancements through the PLM World Conference workstops.  To have the ability to have some face to face time with the development group to voice your issues and concerns and know that Siemens is listening to the users for their enhancements and future work.


I am looking forward to exporing more benefites in the membership and to hopefully be able to participate in some of the workgroups.