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Questions regarding CIP



in 2014 there was no (?) CIP like the years before. I asked GTAC and they told me that something new is planned for 2015. Are there any details what is planned etc.?

(This is a re-post from NX Design forum)





Re: Questions regarding CIP


PLM World and Siemens PLM have been sponsoring the CIP (Customer Improvement Process) for many years. We both have been measuring the value of the process over time and there has been a decrease seen from both sides. Measurements have included the number of responses returned from users as well as direct impact to the product roadmap to incorporate suggested user enhancements. We are in the process of retooling this critical piece of input so that there is value for both parties. I can't commit to any timeline right now as there are many changes occurring to several facets of the PLM World organization (conference format and agenda, RUG's, etc.), but will bring it up as a topic at our next board meeting to have a better commitment for you (January 26-27). I appreciate hearing from you and knowing that this part of PLM World was important for you and your company.  Would love to hear additional thoughts from yourself or other users.

Re: Questions regarding CIP


currently we are in 2016 now. Any news on this topic?
For me I think it is (or should be) an important tool for showing Siemens that some ERs are demanded by many users. And I think it is good to see the top ten or twenty ERs for every module and to vote what the demand the most. :-)

Re: Questions regarding CIP

Thank you for following up.  In concert with Siemens, there have been working groups established to ensure that the voice of the customer is still heard.  These groups have deliverables that are clearly defined and will work with a Siemens counterpart to ensure that the deliverables are met.  A few working groups are already up and running.  Please reference:  Any customer may start a working group, and follow the outline provided.  We are hoping that these opportunities provide additional input to influence the software direction.




Re: Questions regarding CIP




Looking at the criteria it appears to be the identical process as the Technical Committees inside of the Special Interest Group with the exception that you don't have a defined group to pull your resources from (the full SIG members). Would that be a correct? 


I would also be interested to know how a person/group would be formed to start with and how to identify the SPLM leader?


I still don't see how this address the lack of the CIP. How do/will these workgroups provide the voice of the users to Siemens?



Re: Questions regarding CIP

Hello Ryan,


There is some similarity with the technical committees, but with critical differences.  The working groups evolve out of a defined purpose and need to accomplish a task(s), rather than just a committee leadership position being filled.  The working groups only last up to one year - and then can be renewed with additional defined deliverables for another year.  The previously used technical committees were very stagnant for the most part.


We can help define someone at Siemens to drive a working group.  I would encourage yourself and anyone that is interested to review the application at:  With defined deliverables and a Siemens counterpart, our voice can and will be heard, with an influence to drive improvements into the software.  We are seeing some good results with some of the recently established working groups.


I hope that this helps.  Please let me know if you have further questions.



Re: Questions regarding CIP

The key is how Siemens supports the work groups.


Will someone from Siemens be presenting their view of the Work Group process in one of the group level presentations?



Re: Questions regarding CIP

There is a Siemens PLM leader from Product Development who is a member of the PLM World Technical Committee, which oversees the Working Groups.  This ensures that Siemens is in the loop with any group that is established.  The mandate for approving Working Groups requires a Siemens PLM employee to be part of the Working Group.  This involvement is critical in driving enhancements into future releases.  Please clarify about Siemens presenting their view of the Work Group process?  I'm not sure that I follow that question.

Re: Questions regarding CIP


I started this thread and I want to tell you how I see this solution :-)

In my opinion the new working groups are a good invention BUT I think they do not replace(!) the old CIP. They are a good solution for *making* the change come true. But in my opinion the CIP in the past was more a tool for "seeing" what topics are in discussion at all and to vote for the topics you want to support. I think these are different pair of shoes, aren't they?

The first one aims for "making" the solution while the other is for "deciding" which should be done (first) :-)

In my opinion, it could be a real benefit for Siemens (as the company) and for NX (as the software) to *know* what the user would like to have in the software (and why). For this goal we (the customers and users) create ERs. I hope that Siemens have a good "overlook" over the many ERs from different customers. They could see if several things are asked by many customers. The customer itself does not have these "wider look" but I am pretty sure that many things I made ERs for are also demanded by many customers - and I am sure many customers would support the ERs if they would know that it was asked before.
^^ this was - in my opinion - the biggest advantage of the former CIP: you could see what ERs in the different areas are in the top ten from other companies. You had the decision: either a big ER and nothing else or many small ERs - or everything in between. It felt like a tool for "real" customer involvement. Although I think not that every top one ER was build-in within a reasonable time...
(I remember that changing an arrangement in a drafting view was voted very high for several years but it is not built-in into NX10 and if I remember correct it is planned for NX11 - finally!)

I am really missing the possibility to see for what other customers have created ERs for. Then I think I could make a list of ERs I want to support. If many customers could do this I think Siemens would see many parts in the software they can work on and bring real benefit for the (existing and already paying!) customer. For many ERs that I created I get the feeling (from GTAC) that I must be the first customer that got this problem and that I am still the only customer that asked for this ER. But I am pretty sure that many customers could benefit from these changes.

Therefore, I ask for the return of the old CIP - maybe in new clothes and with new motivations but I am sure that the new replacement does not really replace the old CIP.


Re: Questions regarding CIP

Hi Josch,


I agree that having the ability to see a list of top ERs and being able to vote on them was great, and I miss it as well.  I took full advantage and voted every year while CIP existed.  However, most of the PLM World membership didn't participate.  Very low voter turnout over the years was the reason for SPLM's reluctance to continue committing resources to the CIP.


We are always looking for ideas from fellow members for improving collaboration between the user base and SPLM to improve their products.  If you have ideas on how to accomplish this, please let us know.

Larry Carpenter, P.E.
CAxPLM Architect @ Siemens Molecular Imaging
Past Board Member @ PLM World, Inc,