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Surfacing for Solid Edge masters !!! ???



I have terrible situation and can't solve with PLM comunity or receive help from /gta team or solid edge profesionals. I have scaned file and I need to restore, but no expierence in this job. I wrote to SE forum, but get just piece of info, that I know. I wrote to GTA help team, but no answer, because from other regions no help, my region is Latvia, but he don't know how to do this job to the end. I am in "deadlock". I can pay money for example, if somebody to do this, but SOlid Edge support is so difficul and ignore, that I want to use solid works Smiley Happy
Have You ideas where and how to solve this challange ?

My challenge here :

I need your advice, how to restore surface scan file.


01 scan.jpg02 scan.jpg

the main one reguirement is smooth surface. I done mirror of half part, then tried these ways:

1) create new planes in various distances and angles. With "intersection" function from surfacing done sketches at new planes. After that, use loft comnad to connect. Problem was with edges and not clear surface. You can see not finished part's picture. I spend a lot of time to draw nice curves in sketch, but rezult is not nice

loft comand.jpg

2) I tried other way to conect sketches with surfacing comands "blue surf". I didn't finished all, because poor expierence with surfacingcomands, can't finish, because on surface are small waves, not smooth. Reason is curves on sketch, I don't know how clear copy surface. Offcourse, where are damaged sides of scan file, I make my own lines that imagine.


3) I saw in youtube videos, that other use "3D sketch" comand. I have not expierence and example at the moment with it function.

4) I thought about create new one with solids functions, like "extrude", "revolve", "sweep", "draft" ... But how to do exactly round parts, like in scan ? 

Question is, what is a way to create smooth surface ? I imagine, where are plain surface, I must copy in some way, find easy and correct functions.  create new surface where no piece of part.

Have somebody advice or can to do with attachet file example, where are round surface ? 

If You know, who can solve this or learn me or contact in simple way with profesional or to do this and send me like example with comands history I will be very happy

early thank You  a lot.