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Advanced Additive Manufacturing in NX




Those of you that know me on the interwebs know I’m really excited about additive manufacturing. It is fun to be able to design something and then hold it in your hand a few hours later.


While the hype of consumer level 3D printing has everyone talking about it, the really interesting things are happening more quietly in real life manufacturing. Needless to say, I was excited to see the presentation by Andreas Saar and Dave Madeley at the end of the first day of PLM Connection.

Andreas and Dave talked about Siemens PLM involvement in advanced additive manufacturing software and particularly in work being done with DMG MORI in hybrid manufacturing.  Hybrid manufacturing combines 3D printing and machining in one machine giving many of the advantages of both:


I got to hold some of the metal parts created with this process and they are really quite amazing. You are no longer limited to flat layers being built in a single direction as with most AM machines. Holes are perfectly round because they can still be machined.  Surface finish is what you expect in machining, not additive manufacturing.


Siemens PLM is working to drive these machines directly from NX so there is no more loss of data or precision going to intermediate formats. They are creating new tools to support manufactures that are adding AM machines to their manufacturing process. If this is something your company is doing or wants to move to, and you missed PLM Connection (it was great!), now is a good time to talk to Siemens PLM.