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Connecting the Digital Thread at Siemens PLM Connection 2017

by PLM World Member Valued Contributor PLM World Member Valued Contributor on ‎05-31-2017 11:06 AM

7V2A1331-2.jpgAccording to Digital Engineering’s Jaime Gooch, the race is on to allow companies to take advantage of the digital transformation disrupting business today, such as access to virtually unlimited computing power to crunch all of the Big Data available from the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), or the mass customization and new business opportunities that knowledge can enable thanks to intelligently automated manufacturing processes and predictive maintenance. The winners of the race may well be determined by who can put all of those buzzwords together in the most complete virtual process (the longest digital thread) that most closely resembles the real world (the most identical digital twin). In less buzz-worthy parlance, companies need to address both scope and fidelity when adopting new workflows. Read Full Article

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