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Convergence Data Strives to Teach Success

PLM World Member Creator PLM World Member Creator
PLM World Member Creator

By: Erin Wander, Community Engagement Strategist


The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines the term partner as “one that is united or associated with another or others in an activity or a sphere of common interest.”


PLM World is fortunate to have over 40 company partners that fit that description. These partners lend their support, expertise and services to the Siemens PLM community. Many of these companies and their staff contribute to our success in numerous ways. Whether presenting at Siemens PLM Connection and/or regional users groups, offering products and services to enrich the user experience or contributing data that moves the Siemens strategy forward; their contributions are vital to our organization.


I attended my first RUG event in September at the New England group’s event. I had the pleasure of meeting several dedicated partners and learning more about why they get involved with PLM World. I had the opportunity to visit with Convergence Data’s President, Richard Turner, to discuss his relationship with PLM World and its members. As stated by Richard, “it’s been a great way for our company to find people who have an interest in what we do.  Over 60 people listened to our presentation at the last RUG event we attended. The participants had great questions and we were able to connect and offer information and solutions. We have stayed in touch with many of those attendees.  PLM World events give us the opportunity to meet the folks at Siemens, check out the exhibit center to learn about the latest technologies and, of course, network with partners. It’s just great to see everyone together with shared goals and objectives.


PLM World strives to provide the necessary events and tools to help all of our members learn and succeed in their field. We do realize that not everyone can attend these events. If that is your situation, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 


Many of our partners offer blogs, videos and white papers on their websites for all to see. These tools are beneficial for everyone in the industry. Convergence Data offers a blog and various training videos on a regular basis. I’m sure you will find these helpful.


Convergence Data – 3 Key Teamcenter Data Migration Steps 


Convergence Parts Classification Process 2 min video


Learn more about Convergence Data or all of our other PLM World Partners