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Graffiti on The First Day at The PLM World Event


Erik Wahl at PLM ConnectionThis is my first PLM Connection in a few years and the first where my entire goal was just to learn and make some connections. The friendly PLM world folks also gave me access to their blog for a little guest post.  I'll try to hit some highlights and go a bit deeper in future posts.


First of all, PLM World out did themselves getting Graffiti artist Erik Wahl to do the key note. You might think that would be entertaining but what could he talk about to help manufacturing companies? It turns out, a lot…. everything from risk taking to managing fear to “…the liability of being too structured along the way”.


The new PLM World App has been huge.  I’m pretty active on social media and was expecting to be one of the top posters. I’m not even in the top 20.  It was great being able to set up a scedule on my phone (I usually make it up in the program guide and then lose the program guide).


After the kickoff, I then hit the CAE presentation to catch up on the latest on NX.  Doug Wenk and his team continue to invest heavily in advancing the products.  One interesting side note is that NX Nastran can now be run in the “Cloud” at Rescale.  This is a nice option to have if you need a burst of CPU or want to pay as you go (here is a video):




I then hit the manufacturing presenation by Zvi Feuer. Manufacturing is being impacted greatly by all the new IT technology.  This is great for productivity but means accelearating change.  They also had IPO at the presentation who has equipment for scanning the factory floor. They will be at the partner pavilion today and I’ll be heading over to get a demo of their technology.


At the end of the day, the manufacturing guys were at it again, this time showing off high end additive manufacturing.  Siemens PLM and their hardware partners look to be taking this to the next level.  Consumer level 3D Printing may be getting all the press right now, but it is in manufacturing where the real story is happening.  If you are at PLM Connection, they will be doing a deeper dive into this on Wednesday.


More. to come....