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October PLM World RUGs Kick Off!

PLM World Member Valued Contributor PLM World Member Valued Contributor
PLM World Member Valued Contributor

New York State RUG - Oct 7, 2014

Membership Director - Linda Channell - General Motors


The event was well organized and executed very well. At peak of the day, there were probably around 100-150 persons in attendance at the event.


Topics seemed to be right-on-the-mark with the audience, with a significant interest in Siemens new Active Workspace User interface.  Of course, the John Baker Segment, ‘NX9 and Beyond:  The John Baker Show’, was very well attended. 


I had the opportunity to attend the ‘Made in New York: Implementating Teamcenter’ presentation by SouthCo.  It was so well done, and generated a lot of interest by the audience.  I talked to the presenter, Chris Kehoe, afterward and suggested he consider presenting this at PLM World next year. 


The lunch was very good, and the ‘colossal cookies’ served at the break were gone in seconds!

NY Photo_3.jpg

Networking throughout the NY State RUG event.



Mid Atlantic RUG - Oct 9, 2014

 Director of Communications Richard Meagher The Boeing Company


The Mid-Atlantic RUG held their annual conference on Oct 9th in Linthicum Heights, Maryland, just outside of Baltimore. Once again, this year’s conference was held at Conference Center at the Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies.

The location was very convenient with access to major highways and the accommodations at the center were more than adequate for this conference, including an all-you-can eat luncheon served on the conference center dining hall.

Attendance this year was over 100, a strong showing according to Rafi Krigman, current RUG chairperson. Mr. Krigman stated that past attendance averaged around 40 to 50 people attending, growing almost double in the last two years. Most of the RUG members were from Northrup, but there were attendees from as far away as New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia.



Rafi Krigman announces Scot Myers as new Mid Atlantic RUG Chairperson



Continental breakfast was provided prior to the opening of the conference, giving everyone some time to network and catch up. The conference began with an introduction by Mr. Krigman who also announced that he will be stepping down after 4 years as RUG chairperson. Mr. Scott Myers, of Northrup, was the only candidate running and everyone in the room was given an opportunity to nominate or self-nominate to challenge Mr. Myers. With no challenge, RUG members gave their unanimous support to Mr. Myers ascension to the Chairmanship.



Opening Session and Keynotes

On behalf of PLM World board of directors, I gave a short presentation about PLM World, the upcoming 2015 annual conference in Dallas, our orgnaization, and mentioned the year round mobile app which was just released the day before. I also encouraged everyone to particpate in a wide range of activities including running for open positions on the RUG board, the national board, getting involved with focus groups and of course attending our conference in Dallas next year as well as future conferences.

Immediately following the introductions,there were two keynote presentations from vendors, Geoff Lydon from Zuken and Marc Mazen from Granta Materials Intelligence. After that, the room broke up into smaller breakaway sessions which also included some hands-on training in NX-Design and NX-CAE and demos by vendors and Siemens PLM.

The agenda was full and most sessions (at least the ones I was able to attend) were pretty full. This RUG has a strong NX user base, but there is also a growing Teamcenter Engineering user base since my last attendance over 2 years ago.

The John Baker Show

 John Baker Show

Siemens PLM well known NX expert and guru, John Baker, gave his popular “John Baker Show” to a packed room, touting the benefits of the new NX 10 release, complete with live demos to the delight of everyone in attendance.

Many new features like support for Windows Surface Pro tablets and more control over multi-display were presented.





Breakaway Sessions

One general session which I found most informative was GTAC’s Rob Martin’s presentation on GTAC IR’s or Incident Reports. It was an excellent presentation which helped answer a lot of questions about how IRs are handled and elevated to respective subject matter experts. Mr. Martin showed everyone where they can look up past IRs and on-line tutorial on how to find information about an issue with Siemens-PLM software. One thing he did stress is that problems on integrations with other software like CATIA or Pro-E are not always easy to solve and often take more time to track down.

I attended mostly Teamcenter track sessions throughout the day. In the morning, SiOM system’s Don Knab gave a presentation on how workflow notifications out of Teamcenter can be transformed into presentable and easier to read email messages, and exposing often hidden or unused attributes providing more information to the user. Siemens PLM Diane Ryan gave an excellent presentation on leveraging PLMXML to share data with other enterprise systems. The afternoon sessions were co-hosted by Craig Currie and Randy Langmead, focusing on Active Workspace and Large Model Visualization with JT-Open.

Besides Teamcenter / TcVisualization there were four other tracks, NX-CAE, NX-Design, NX-CAM and Hands-On Training.

Lunch, Afternoon and Closing

Scott Myers and Bruce Mayer

The luncheon was provided on campus in the common dining area and featured a buffet table, salad bar, a grille where you can get hot dogs or hamburgers and scrumptious desert table with an ice cream station. I doubt anyone left hungry. There were also refreshments served during break times both morning and afternoon.

In the last hour, everyone returned to the large classroom where two more vendors gave their end of day keynotes, SIS and Saratech. One more election for RUG treasurer was held with another unchallenged candidate, Bruce Mayer, also of Northrup. There was no opposition from the members in attendance and Mr. Mayer was elected.

John Baker and Chris Burnham




Finally – in keeping with tradition of closing as with most RUGs, door prizes were given away thanks to Siemens PLM and the vendors who attended.

All in all, it was a very well organized and informative conference. On behalf of the PLM World Board of Directors, I would like to thank Rafi Krigman for his service and wish both Mr. Myers and Mr. Mayer success in their new roles.


A complete album of photos is now available for viewing on Flickr