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On Site Speaker Training

PLM World Member Valued Contributor PLM World Member Valued Contributor
PLM World Member Valued Contributor

PLM World knows the value of good presentation skills. For the first time ever we are offering you a chance to a attend a professionally-delivered speaker training session. Through the session Sizzle And Substance: Creating Brain-Friendly Presentations, you will:

Compare and contrast information, education and learning in today’s environment.
Discuss seven brain-friendly strategies used for successful presentation delivery.
Explain the importance of effective engagement tactics.

Most presentations are mind-numbing. Audiences of the past were satisfied with tedious, dreary, dull presentations. Today’s audiences are demanding and sophisticated. They want presentations with relevant, cutting-edge, customized information, with active engagement. This onsite training session will help you learn how to meet the demand of any audience.

When information is presented in brain-friendly ways, listeners become participants, increase their retention and spread contagious enthusiasm.

Please RSVP to today!