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PLM World Board Meeting in Detroit

PLM World Member Experimenter PLM World Member Experimenter
PLM World Member Experimenter

The newly elected and re-organized board of directors met for our first 2-day quarterly face to face in downtown Detroit at the Renaissance Center.  Mark Halbish kicked off the meeting with introductions of all board members. Both incumbent and newly elected members were given opportunities to introduce themselves and discuss their objectives and goals as board members.


We covered a range of topics including recommendations for 2015 based on what we have learned at past conferences including 2014, agenda development, attendee growth and partner development.


We had a lot of discussions about our digital community which includes the website, Social Media, Siemens PLM Community and the Mobile App that we rolled out this year’s conference.  We are working on moving all of our discussion forums from to the Siemens PLM Community site under PLM World Community. The move will the PLM World users closer to Siemens PLM technical teams enabling quicker solutions or answers to questions about the use of Siemens PLM software and services. We encourage our PLM World members to visit the site, post in our PLM World forum and engage with other users and Siemens PLM community members.


As a result of this move we are looking at revamping our website to better serve the community and provide a more mobile friendly user experience.


We also held some break-away sessions to focus on each of the areas and come up with strategic goals for our organization, a new mission statement that reflects the values of our new board, partner program enhancements recommended by our new Partner Advisory Committee, future of technical committees and agenda development for 2015. 


By the end of the first day, we had a good start in understanding where we are and what we need to do to get ready for 2015 and beyond.


The second day the board dove in and reviewed past action items from last face to face meetings, updated and added new items, and transitioned some of the past actions items to new board members.  We also reorganized several subcommittees and updated them with new board members.


Finally we reviewed financial procedures, legal and liability matters and our financial performance.


In summary, the new board is now positioned to move forward and begin preparations for RUGs and next years’ conference in Dallas.