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Solid Edge Demands Attention With Serious Update -

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor contributor, Kyle Maxey, recently reviewed Solid Edge ST10.

Siemens PLM has announced the impending arrival of Solid Edge ST10 and with it, a host of new tools that will make design, simulation and manufacturing easier to manage. Early this year, the Solid Edge team released a sneak peek of its product. However, details of the most dramatic improvements were held back at that time. The announcement now sheds light on the many new features and capabilities users have been looking forward to.    

Generative Design and the Future of CAD

Over the past five years, generative design has been one of the hottest topics driving CAD. Generative design allows engineers to specify an overall box volume a part must fit in, the forces the part will be subject to--as well as add specific parameters such as materials, manufacturing and cost limitations. The software will take all this into consideration to try to determine the optimum part. One type of generative design is topology optimization, which is the iterative process of reworking and optimizing a model in a way that can reduce the volume of the part, therefore its weight and cost. To build these optimized parts, powerful simulation algorithms are employed to add material where a part needs to be stronger and remove it where it is not necessary.

Although many of the shapes that are created by generative design tools can be difficult to manufacture with anything but 3D printing, the visualization of these optimized products can be very useful in making design decisions that would have been impossible in the past. Read Full Article