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Siemens PLM Connection

brings together Siemens PLM Software users, partners and employees looking to forge new connections, expand knowledge, and increase expertise. Are you ready for #PLMConx?

Siemens Gives Clemson University $365 Million to Train Software Engineers

The software will be used in junior and senior level classes in the mechanical engineering and bioengineering departments, as well as by competitive teams at Clemson, such as Formula SAE.

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"I normally don't post during work, but I'm so excited! My talk on using Python in NX was just accepted for Siemens PLM Connection!"



College Students Show How Easy It Is to Use Terrifying Genetic Engineering Technology

The gene drive is quickly becoming one of the most controversial technologies of our time. Its possibilities are at once spectacular and alarming: by using genetic engineering to override natural selection during reproduction, a gene drive could allow scientists to alter the genetic makeup of an entire species.