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We're Talking About Additive Manufacturing

PLM World Member Creator PLM World Member Creator
PLM World Member Creator

By: Erin Wander, PLM World Community Engagement Strategist


Additive Manufacturing (AM) has been making headlines lately--note this issue’s Tech Corner article. I recently had the opportunity to catch up with PLM World Strategic Innovation Team (SIT) leader Fabrizio De Pasquale to learn how his group is helping Siemens advance the AM software and strategy. 


Fabrizio De Pasquale  TAF-877.jpgTell our members a little bit about yourself.

I am the Director of Venture Technology at Siemens Technology-to-Business in Berkeley, CA. My day-to-day job involves creating partnerships between promising, high-tech start-ups and Siemens. My focus for the past four years has been collaborating with Siemens and the Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry.



How long have you been a member of PLM World and what do you like about your membership?

I discovered PLM World two years ago when the first Siemens PLM product specifically related to AM was introduced to the market. Of course, this product contains some start-up technology that I discovered and helped to validate! I was very impressed with the large diverse population of the PLM World community. It is extremely inspiring talking to other members and learn about all the different challenges from so many individuals with varying backgrounds.


You recently started the Strategic Innovation Team for Additive Manufacturing. What prompted you to start this team?

AM is at the beginning of its industrialization--from design and simulation to manufacturing. These are very exciting times because users constantly discover new challenges while Siemens PLM tries to address them. So, given the amazing richness and diversity of the community, I thought we should bring the two entities together and leverage each other’s interests to quickly come out with products that can move the industry forward. Also, let’s not forget, the value in sharing experiences and challenges within the group. AM still is a trial and error technology and information sharing has a great value.


Tell me more about the group and its mission?

We currently have 40 PLM World members in the AM SIT. We meet monthly via WebEx to stay in-touch and collaborate. The goals are two-fold; 1) discuss challenges and share experiences; and 2) have a direct link with PLM World to clarify issues and promote requirements. We share our discussions and recommendations with PLM World Strategic Technical Director, Don Haupt. Don was instrumental in the creation of our group—thank you Don!


What have you and the group learned or accomplished so far?

We are a fairly new SIT and are in the “getting to know each other” phase. Our discussions focus on how Siemens PLM is planning to support AM. As we grow as a group and share more experiences and ideas, we will be able to move AM forward and offer solid solutions and suggestion to Siemens PLM.


What advice do you have for others who might want to start a Strategic Innovation Team or Working Group?

I suggest finding a topic of large common interest. You can test the waters by talking with other members during Siemens PLM Connection or one of the regional user group meetings. Also, you must find someone from Siemens PLM to support your efforts. And, last but not least, leverage the great PLM World marketing team to reach out!


If you are interested in learning more about Strategic Innovation Teams or Working Groups, please visit the community page of PLM World or contact me Erin Wander (