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What People Are Saying about PLMConX 2015

PLM World Member Valued Contributor PLM World Member Valued Contributor
PLM World Member Valued Contributor

We are in day #3 at the conference and a lot of people are saying a lot of really great things. They are commenting about the presentations, live demos, the food, and so much more. If you are not here you are missing a great conference. Take a look at what a few individuals are saying:


About the food....


Steak was finally served today at lunch, which should tame the beasts within. As one attendee told me, Texas = Steak! Overall the food has been fantastically served by attentive waitstaff. Attendees have had breakfast of every kid from grits to biscuits and gravy and eggs of all kind. Lunch has featured a beautiful salad each day with assorted menu items too. No one can say they were not well fed!








 About the sessions...


The sessions have been something to Tweet about. From our keynote speaker Captain Gene Cernan on Monday through today's Live demo, every session whether it is in the general session, on the floor of the Solutions Ceter or within one of the ballrooms, people are talking! 


One of our attendees, Chris Spaul , summed it up nicely, “I was most impressed with the quality of the partner presentations at their booths today.” while another attendee, Randy Alexander, said, “Hybrid manufacturing is crazy cool.”











About the people...


Networking, meeting new people and being extraordinary have been all the rage this week. Each one has been noteworthy too and prompted much chatter across social media. We certainlyappreciate all of the good words too.











The products...


The products that have been featured this week have been all the talk. New product announcements, live demonstrations and so much more to capture every PLM interest.









Just for fun...


And of course we could not host a conference without some fun, From the bull riding, to making paper airplanes late night snacking, karaoke, and our very own "Village people" it seems that many are sharing the fun that they have had across all of the social media channels!








Do you have a one favorite demonstration, a best moment at Siemens PML Connection or something that you would like to share with those not attending or other attendees? Be sure to share on the app, Tweet your message or otherwise share on social media. Tag it with #PLMConX and you could find your image shared on the Twitter feed on the mainstage, in a future post or it might even increase your points raising yoyur overall Leader Board points for fabulous prizes!