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A letter from our Community Director - Craig Brown, General Motors

PLM World Member Creator PLM World Member Creator
PLM World Member Creator

Epcot Test TrackEpcot Test Track

We are on pace to have more attendees than we have seen over the five years. How appropriate as we reflect on what has happened in the past 40 years with computer aided engineering tools. 


Here are some new activities in store for this year’s event:


We are happy to announce that our Opening Night Welcome Reception will be at Disney’s Epcot Center. Come enjoy the “Imagineering” atmosphere at Epcot as you network with peers from across our industries. After the fireworks display, GM’s Test Track will be open solely to PLM World Attendees so you can get some idea what it is like at my company. For decades Disney has encourage all of us to imagine the future. We will spend the rest of the week debating, exploring, and discovering actual ways to realize products.


Navigating Siemens PLM Connection Event for First Time and Mentor Program Attendees. A unique opportunity to hear our Master of Ceremonies, Thom Singer discuss attending a conference and how to get people to engage more and maximize their experience.


Customer Showcase will have actual products designed, engineered, and validated using Siemens PLM tools, and many of our partner’s tools as well. These products will be displayed in the foyer so that you can visit them at your leisure and on occasion talk with designers and engineers from the showcase product companies. 


PLM World continues to evolve and your active participation in our 40th Anniversary Conference will be one of the best. As your Community Director, I am interested in meeting you and making the event as useful as possible. Travel safely to Orlando, and consider what we have done in the past 40 years. Just imagine what the next 40 years will bring. As product designers, engineers, and tool builders, it is our responsibility to make our imaginations real!






                                                                        Craig A. Brown

                                                                        Community Director

                                                                        GM PLM Leader