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2 kinds of batches - reactivate a MU


Hi there,


I have a SP which is sorting the kind of MUs (2 kinds) to two different buffers (one buffer for each kind). That's working. After that I've got a PP which is producing batches of up to 4 MUs. The batches have to be homogen so no mix between the two kinds of MUs in one batch is allowed. Thats working as well. If a batch just startet for example with 2 MUs of kind 1 in the PP, then it is not allowed to add another MU of the same kind to this batch. Once a batch is in produce its not allowed to add something to it. Thats working as well.


Now my two problems:


- When a batch is finished how do I reactivate a MU which is already waiting in a buffer? I had to move out the connections between the buffers and the PP because I am working with the command "move". So once a MU entered a buffer an EntranceControl is checking if the PP is empty. If yes this MU and up to three more MUs which are maybe waiting as well in this buffer are send to the PP. But the three MUs, which were alread waiting, are just send to the PP because another MU triggerd the Entrance Control of the buffer. I want that the three are just entering the PP as soon as the PP is empty not until antoher MU is triggering the Control.


- secound problem: if the top one is solved I have to prioritise that if MUs of both kinds are waiting the MUs of kind 1 are always first. How do I do that? Any tips?


Re: 2 kinds of batches - reactivate a MU

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for your first problem you could use a "waituntil" statement and an exit control for your Buffer, so a MU will only exit a Buffer if the PP is empty and if there is not a MU of a different kind in your PP already. For the second problem you could use two global integer variables counting the batches exiting each Buffer. Here you can set in the exit control of the second Buffer that MUs are exiting only if the number of batches for the first kind of MUs is higher than for the second kind. On the other hand for the first Buffer you can define in the exit control that MUs are only exiting if that number is equal. This way you should have a coordinated flow of MUs into your PP.  

Kind regards,

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