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3D Custom Paths not retained even when the Model is saved and closed

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello All,


I have a query about the 3D Animation paths. I have lots of custom paths in my model in 3D. When I save the model, close it and open it again, I see that the animation paths are redirected back to the default animation paths. I want the animation paths to stay as I have configured them. Am I doing something wrong?

Also sometimes the external graphics are turned off everytime I start the model. Thank you for your time.




Re: 3D Custom Paths not retained even when the Model is saved and closed

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello Simpulse,


redirections of animation paths are not saved in the model.

This is because they were built to temporarily redirect animations.

To make that permanent you would have to build up the redirections via SimTalk in an autoExec method.


If you mean by "turning off the external graphics" that they aren't visible when you have pressed the switch in the ribbon before saving the model, this is basically the same topic. External graphics are specifically designed to be visible externally, e.g. in the surrounding frame of a frame instance. However, sometimes you need to see them inside the object to model them, therefore we have this button. By default, we switch off those graphics for frames and on for the other objects.

If you want to make them visible permanently inside an object, you have to make them internal. Internal graphics still can be made visible to the outside by showing the content (depending on your version, that is either a flag in the "Representation" group on the visibility page of the 3D properties dialog for the object, or the "Show Content" flag on the graphics page of that dialog).


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