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3D Graphic Crash




I am working on a 3D model with lots of graphics. I have had a couple of model crashes while developing the model, however I have not used those varations of the model since I had an issue with the 3D part of a model crashing in the past. When I have a crash, I revert to a previous save point and manually add in changes since then.


When I saved Friday, I had just added in a number of new 3D graphics into a sub-frame for static elements in my model. The model was working just fine and all of the graphics, to my knowledge were functioning just fine. 


When I came in this morning, I had a surprize visit from the client that wanted to see the model. So I fired it up and the graphics for my transporters were gone (which was obviously embarrasing). I looked at the 3D Graphic structure and that was fully in tact, but no actual graphics were showing up in the 3D frame for both the Model Frame and the Object Frame.


I did have MUs and Icons turned off, but turning them back on only brought the Icons back.


I am using Version 13.2


Any insight would be greatly appreciated!






Re: 3D Graphic Crash

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
Hello Eric,
To find the problem it would be very helpful to have your model. I understand that you probably cannot post it here. But may I ask you to open a help desk ticket with our GTAC support organization and supply the model?
From what you described I cannot see any reason why the graphics got lost.

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