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3D Graphics Industry Specific

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Solution Partner Pioneer

Hi Community,


I would like to hear from you guys. Where do you get your 3D data from ?


I'm referring here to the built in 3D grahics that you can change, to make a SingleProc look like a specific machine that is used in industry.


I have tried GrabCad, however there is very little indutry specifc machine graphics like fillers, unscramblers, labeling machines ect.


Molten-Filler1.jpgFillermaxresdefault.jpgBottle Unscrambler

If you guys do have any 3D graphics (that you personally use, of any industry and of any machine) and you are willing to share; that would be a great help!


Thank you in advance





Re: 3D Graphics Industry Specific

Companies, that want to publish/share geometries usually provide a download page for access.

e.g. for robotics.

In any case you can always directly contact the companies for request for specific geometries and approval for publishng.