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3D Obstacle For Worker


Hi everyone,


I've got a problem with the _3D.ObstacleForWorker...

In my production system (level 1), there are multiple sub-networks (level 2) for special product treatment, such as cutting or assembling. In both level 1 and level 2 networks, I'm using workers for carrying the products from one station to another. However, when starting the simulation, the worker obstacles from level 2 networks are also shown and integrated in the obstacles on the level 1 network, which prevents the workers on level 1 to reach their dedicated location. Is there a way for each network to only take into account the obstacles that are explicitly part of it while hiding the ones from sub-networks?


Many thanks already in advance!




Re: 3D Obstacle For Worker

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

First of all: Literally speaking, there is no such setting.


You can mark the subframes themselves or selected stations therein as not providing an obstacle, in the stations preferrably (if the subframes exists more than once) in their origins in their respective subframe classes. Additionally, you can even mark particular graphics as not providing an obstacle, albeit not via SimTalk.


The thing is that workers on the area are explicitly designed as a simulation-wide feature. Logically, all workers walk in the topmost frame, i.e. that frame in which the event controller is, and if they walk inside or through a subframe, this is actually done in the root frame instead, even if you cannot immediately recognize it as that.

The idea behind all this is that such a simulation needs physically plausible coordinates of the objects and graphics in the scene to properly work. With workers freely on the area, you can not only simplify setting up a simulation with workers but also check and optimize your plant layout - and for that, the calculated walking lengths must be correct (enough).

An object that hinders workers in such a simulation from taking a specific route actually represents an object that does that in reality, too.


That brings me to another approach that might help you - depending on your particular simulation:

If the frame interior does not represent an abstract sub-simulation but e.g. a simulation that is located on another level, you can also move the stations to the level on which they are actually supposed to be, e.g. on 3m. That way, they also no longer provide an obstacle to a worker on 0m walking height.

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Re: 3D Obstacle For Worker


Hi Peter,


thanks a lot for the quick and detailed response!


I`ll implement your proposed workaround and set the subframes to different heights...