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3D - a library of .s3d files

Siemens Pioneer Siemens Pioneer
Siemens Pioneer

Hi All,


I am looking at applying 3D graphics to my simulation model. I have the following questions:


  1. I found standard CNC etc. files in Plan Simulation (under 3d - exchange graphics menu) but where can I find more files available to import?
  2. What is the best way of converting single procs and MUs to more recognisable objects
  3. I wanted to convert my lines to  3D looking machines but there is no exchange graphics menu

Thank you in advance


Re: 3D - a library of .s3d files


Hi Irina,


You can directly import JT model files  in exchange of the 3D graphics of Singleprocs,Buffer etc.

To do that in your main 3D window select the single proc of which you are to change the graphics. Right click and select "Open in new 3D window". Here in the edit ribbon use Import Graphics from were you can load you JT models.


To change the graphics of MU select the MU from the class library. Right click and select "Open in new 3D window". Then load the graphic same as above.


Hope this sloves your problem.




Re: 3D - a library of .s3d files




I'm have the question ! Smiley Happy 
I'm 3D models look little bit ugly and It's bean a long time that I'm looking for a free s3D or jt library, in order to import boxes, pallets and so on. 
If you found a solution for that let me know please. So do I ! 

Thank you very much.