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3D animated

Please, i want to do an animation with a robot that have 2 parts, and i want to animate these parts separated , how can i do this? and have other way to animate an object in plant simulation rather than put the coordinates on self animated ?


thanks for listening


Re: 3D animated

What do you exactly mean by

" .. that has 2 parts and I want to animate these parts separated " ?

Re: 3D animated

i mean 4 parts sorry for the mistake
these 4 parts is the base of the robot, the arms a

Re: 3D animated

Hello Gabriel, You'd like to modelize something like this ?






Re: 3D animated

If I guess correctly, then you want to have a "complex robot" with several (in your case 2 resp. 4) arms that all operate independently.

The PickAndPlace simulation object can indeed carry more than one part at the same time (it has a configurable capacity), but (!) all these parts are transferred simultaneously from the same source to the same target. So a PickAndPlace will not do the trick for you.

In my opinion, what you want to create is a "complex machine" for which we have the Frame. A Frame allows you to encapsulate a more complex simulation logic in one specialized simulation object.

In that "Complex PickAndPlace Frame", every PickAndPlace might take over the role of one particular independent arm.

Re: 3D animated

Yess, something like that

Re: 3D animated

Thanks you very much for tge help
Só do i create a grama for every single arm of the robot? And create tge method separately?

Re: 3D animated

These is an exemple modelo?

Re: 3D animated

My first attempt would have been to create a frame for the whole robot and then to use PickAndPlace robots as its arms.

About the example model: To my knowledge, there is none that covers you particular topic.

Re: 3D animated



what do you mean by grama and tge ?


In any way in this case the magic word is "invers kinematics".


with the robot specific invers kinematics (IK) you calulate the axis angles to a given target position / orientation.


for 3 or 4 axis robots  this not very complicated ( basic geometry)


You then create/run the axis animations between actual axis angles and calulated target axis angles.