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3D model libraries or modeling


Hey Everyone,


I'm new to this software, so this might be a simple problem that's been solved. I am trying to model a bunch of different environments and trying make the models as visually pleasing as I can for presentation purposes. But, the 3D graphics library given, used for the "Exchange graphics" function is fairly limited. Is there a more extesive library i can access somewhere? If not is there a way for me to use the software itself to do some 3D modeling? any help would be fantastic. Thanks!


I've tried to find format converters or a software i can use to model s3d formats, but unsucessfuly so far.


Re: 3D model libraries or modeling

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Siemens Phenom

.s3d files are only written by Plant Simulation which is why you probably will have problems finding .s3d files out there. It is not prohibited for anyone to create .s3d file collections but to my knowledge, there is no-one that might ever have done that - at least in recent years (Anyone: I'd be happy to be corrected about that point!).

One potential reason for that might be that once you go beyond pure graphics (see below), you might not only to add animation properties but simulation properties as well - and that is what .obj files or libraries (.lib) are for - and these basically can contain an entire model part (which might even be a complete folder structure).


Apart from that, you can model graphics in Plant Simulation to a certain degree and you can import a bunch of 3D graphic formats as Jt, Parasolid, STEP, IGES, VRML etc.

The additional property that .s3d files offer compared to them is that they also contain Plant Simulation specific animation data like MU animation paths, state graphics and such. But it should be not that hard to configure these yourself once you have the graphics imported.

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Re: 3D model libraries or modeling

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You can use "import graphics" as well and not only "exchange graphics". Then you can import many more file formats.


You can also use "insert shape" to create 3D-graphics inside Plant Simulation.