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A Big problem about making a library of HBW3D?




When i making a library i have 2 Big problem.

I use the "objects" to build a model"formation02" and I make it as library and save it. Then i create a new model and load the library. when i open the model "formation02" and start it ,it runs smoothly.


When i build a  frame"newframe", and drag and drop the model"formation02" in the "Newframe",Now ,there are  2 Big problem  happening.



 I just see the icon of frame ,what i want is all the objects to see.As is shown in the following picture with red marks whose number is 4,when i doulble-click the icon ,i enter another frame and see all the objects. What can I do to dealt with it?

As i know, when draging and dropping a library into new frame ,you can see  all the objects of library directly in the new frame (3D) without clicking nothing. 



When I  click the model"formation02" in the newframe, it cannot run,lots errors pop out.this is fatal and strange.



Looking forward to your directions .If you can modify the attached model and post it ,it will be much better.

Any help is great appeciated!






Betreff: A Big problem about making a library of HBW3D?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello Mark Lee,


first, if you want to see the content of a frame instead of the default frame graphic, you have to switch on 'show Content', see following picture.


In the second picture you see one of the methods showing a bug. As you can see in the debug window, you are using absolute paths for indock. so this object refers to an object in the class library and this object does not carry any part.


Hope this will help.






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Betreff: A Big problem about making a library of HBW3D?




Your suggestions are valuable, you are of great wisdom man.

Now,This topic is finished completely.

Give my best regards to you!