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AGV need help




Here is a small extract from my AGV, there are still some small problems and I want to make it smarter and make it travel optimized routes.


Here are the problems:
1. When I start the simulation, IF the AGV does not stop at sensor ID 1, the simulation locks further away (see picture below), it happens half the time. If you test my simulation, make sure that the AGV locks on sensor 1.


2. the AGV has no charging station, a station where it is programmed to go when it has to recharge its battery and when it is not busy.
Solution: build a waiting station near the store.


3. The warehouse prepares standard batches to be searched at intervals of 3 hours by the AGV. Each batch is destined for its station.
A station consists of a depot (to supply batches) and a Finished products area . When the agv delivers the batches, it also takes the finished products that the station also makes available every 3 hours.

I have 4 stations, the AGV can only deliver and empty one station per trip
My problem, the AGV doesn't respect this shema, he delivers the lots, goes for a walk here and there, he makes a lot of empty trips.
Solution: "The AGV searches for the batch destined for station 1, supplies station 1, recovers the finished products from station 1 and returns to the store (by the shortest route: is it possible to do half a turn, instead of doing all the rounds?) to deposit the finished products in the drain. Then he takes the batches for station 2, supplies station 2 and returns to the warehouse after recovering the finished product. and so on....station.PNG

Can someone help me with this 3 Importants points.

Thank you in advance

 best regards 





Re: AGV need help

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Just a quick response to your #1. The debugger shows in its status (bottom) line the reason for your problem.


Always consider using the AttributeExplorer!

Re: AGV need help


Hello thank you for your answer, and for the last 2 point, can someone tell me how to implement that. 


Thank in advance


Best regard

Re: AGV need help

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
For point #2, take a look at the example models in: Material flow --> Automatic Routing. As far as I can tell (with only ocular inspection) They simply create an offside track and with a sensor that they set as the destination. On top of that, the tab "Battery" in the transporters have a "Charge control" which will trigger when the battery runs low. A method on the offside-sensor can charge the AGV, and the "Charge control" can tell it when to go to the charging station.

Not quite sure how to help with #3 though. Perhaps you could split up the tracks into several smaller segments? I believe that U-turns are impossible to perform in the middle of a track, at least without the help of a method.