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Animation path in 3d viewer


I just now started to work with the 3D viewer.

I have a problem to show animation path on frame.

Attached simple 3D model, I need to create animation path on the graphic frame named machine. The frame contain 3 object type line and single proc. (In, Place, Out) like the sample in the step by step manual.

Please help me to find why the animation is not displayed.

Note: the animation is display only in test path.


Re: Animation path in 3d viewer

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

Hello SG,


in Plant Simulation 3D we have the same concept working with hierarchies as in 2D. You create the machine frame, insert the content to this frame and by this you define the machine behaviour. In your model there are 2 conveyor lines and a SingleProc. These objects are used to viualize the part within this machine and you can define per each object through the 3D properties dialog, what you want to see/display from the machine frame content:



For the machine frame you can decide whether you want to see the lines and the SingleProc.

The setting for Own graphic relates to the machine graphic.

In most cases you want to use the animation for MUs on the lines or the SingleProc, but you do not want to see the graphics of these standard objects. Then please open the 3D properties dialog for these objects and deselect the chec box for their Own graphic. After stepping out/up from the machine frame or inserting instances of the machine object into your model, you will see parts moving to the machine and beeing worked on the SingleProc. I think, this is what your would like to see, right?

In general you can also modify where e.g. the animation point for a 3D SingleProc is positioned in the 3D scene. You can display the MU animation path via the MU Animation tab in the 3D properties dialog, pick and re-position the red animation graphic.


In the attached model you find two representations of your machine, one with hidden sub-objects and one with visible content. In case you want to access the hidden 3D sub-objects again you need to go to the 3D tree view/structure view. From there you can open the 3D properties dialog (right mouse context menu) and modify settings.


Please note, there is currently a little bug: when you insert an object with hidden sub-objects you probably will see these objects direct after inserting the (machine) frame. After changing the scene ore re-opening the 3D frame everything will be as defined. (The bug will befixed in 11.0.5)

Good luck and regards


Re: Animation path in 3d viewer

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend


here is the  example model I was writing about in my earlier post....

Smiley Happy

Re: Animation path in 3d viewer


Thank you very much