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Announcement: New Plant Simulation book

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

I am very proud to announce my new book. It is the second edition of the book Manufacturing Simulation with Plant Simulation and Simtalk, but I have changed the title to avoid further discussions.




publishing date: July 14, 2015

ISBN 978-3-319-19502-5

language: english

713 pages


Because it is the second edition, you will find some contents from the first edition in this book (approx. 200 pages). I have updated the content up to version 12, all major changes since version 9 are included e.g. energy consumption, fluids, new 3D functionality from version 12, SQlite...


Main focus for me was to deliver a introductory book for Plant Simulation, but I included also contents for practitioners (e.g. dynamic model generation, GA, cranes, production controls, warehouse management systems, procurement, crazy worker stuff, programming of 3D animations...).



Q: Is this book now complete?

A: No, this book will be never complete (for me). But I had a limit of 650 pages. I have more than 50 examples left. And much more stuff worth to publish in my head.

Q: Will you publish also a German version of this book?

A: No (poor selling results for the last German book)

Q: I have already the book Praxishandbuch Plant Simulation und SimTalk, is there some new content in this book?

A: Yes, this book contains all content fom the last German book (approx. 350 pages in English), more than 300 pages are additional content.

Q: Where can I buy it?

A: here:

many book sellers are offering this book already

Q: Why is this book so expensive?

A: I don't have influence on the pricing of the book. For students Springer offers now printed versions of a e-book (library license) for 24.99 US$/€.  Look here:

Q: Will you also publish a book for advanced users?

A: No. I checked the possibility with two publishers. They think, there is no market for such a book and I agree (may be in 10-20 years).


Steffen Bangsow
freelance simulation specialist  


Re: Announcement: New Plant Simulation book

Siemens Pioneer Siemens Pioneer
Siemens Pioneer

Hi Steffen,


we have a version of the book dated back to 2010.


Is that version different in many aspects to what you have just released now?





Re: Announcement: New Plant Simulation book

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi Irina,


I have added many contents from Version 11 and 12, I extended the examples.

The new book has around 710 pages.


Some new stuff:


4.9 Shop Floor Control, Push Control

4.9.1 Base Model Machine

4.9.2 Elements of the Job Shop Simulation Work Plans Order Management Resource Management Production Control

4.10 Pull Control

4.10.1 Simple Pull Control

4.10.2 Kanban Functioning of the Kanban System Control Loops Modeling of a Single-stage E-Kanban System Bin Kanban System Card Kanban System

4.10.3 The Plant Simulation Kanban Library

4.11 Line Production

4.11.1 CONWIP Control

4.11.2 Overall System Availability, Line Down Time

4.11.3 Sequence Stability


5 Working with Random Values

5.1 Working with Distribution Tables

5.2 Working with Probability Distributions

5.2.1 Use of DataFit to Determine Probability Distributions

5.2.2 Use of Uniform Distributions

5.2.3 Set of Random Distributed Values Using SimTalk

5.3 Warm-up time

5.4 The ExperimentManager

5.4.1 Simple Experiments

5.4.2 Multi-level Experimental Design

5.5 Genetic Algorithms

5.5.1 GA Sequence Tasks

5.5.2 GA Range Allocation


6.10.1 The Plant Simulation multi-portal crane object

6.10.2 Simulation of a forklift


7 Simulation of Robots and Handling Equipment

7.1 PickAndPlace

7.1.1 Attributes of the PickAndPlace Object

7.1.2 Blocking Angle

7.1.3 Time Factor

7.2 Simulation of Robots

7.2.1 Exit Strategy Cyclic Sequence

7.2.2 Load and Unload of Machines (Single Gripper)

7.2.3 Load and Unload of Machines (Double Gripper)

7.2.4 PickAndPlace loads Containers

7.2.5 Assembly with Robots

7.2.6 The Target Control of the PickAndPlace Object

7.2.7 Consider Custom Transport and Processing Times

7.2.8 Advantages and Limitations of the PickAndPlace Object

7.3 Model Handling Robots Using Transporter and Track

7.3.1 Basic Model and General Control

7.3.2 Partial Parameterized Control Development

7.3.3 Handling and Processing Times of the Robot

7.3.4 Synchronous and Asynchronous Control of the Robot

7.4 The LockoutZone

7.5 Gantry Robots


8 Warehousing and Procurement

8.3 The Store, Warehousing

8.3.1 The Store

8.3.2 Chaotic Warehousing Inventory, Process of Storage Structure of the Inventory (Table Stock) Looking for a Free Place Store and Register Parts Find a Part and Remove It from the Warehouse

8.3.3 Virtual Warehousing

8.3.4 Extension of the Store Class Search a Free Place, Store, Update Stock List Search for and Retrieval of Parts Stock Statistics

8.3.5 Simplified Warehousing Model

8.3.6 Warehouse Key Figures

8.3.7 Storage Costs

8.3.8 Economic Order Quantity

8.3.9 Cumulative Quantities

8.4 Procurement

8.4.1 Warehousing Strategies

8.4.2 Consumption-based Inventory Replenishment Order Rhythm Method Reorder Point Method Goods Receipt Warehouse, Reorder Point Method Warehouse Retrievals Deliveries Inbound, Out-of-stock Part Visualization of the Database Stock Storage and Retrieval Orders Warehouse Statistics (Database)

8.4.3 The StorageCrane Object Store and Remove Automatically with the StorageCrane Customized Storage and Retrieval Strategies Stock Statistics of the StorageCrane Object Load and Unload the Store with a Transporter


9 Simulation of Workers

9.4 Case Snippets for Worker Simulation

9.4.1 Loading of Multiple Machines by One Operator

9.4.2 The Worker Loads and Unloads Containers

9.4.3 Chaku-Chaku

9.4.4 Troubleshooting Depending on the Nature of the Failure

9.4.5 Collaborative Work of Several Workers

9.4.6 A Worker Executes Different Activities at One Station

9.4.7 The Worker Changes Speed Depending on the Load

9.4.8 Employees Working with Different Efficiency

9.4.9 The Worker Loads Carriers and Transports Them

9.4.10 Multiple-machine Operation

9.4.11 Worker Loads Machines on Availability

9.4.12 Worker Works with Priority (Broker Importer Request Control)

9.4.13 Determination of the Number of Workers with the ExperimentManager

9.5 Modeling of Workers with Transporter and Track

9.5.1 Modeling Approach

9.5.2 The Worker Follows a Process

9.5.3 The Worker Is Driving a Transporter


10 The Fluids Library

10.1 The Fluid Elements, Continuous Simulation

10.2 The Tank

10.3 Simple Case Studies

10.3.1 Pumping out

10.3.2 Distribute Fluids

10.3.3 Fill the Tank with a Tanker

10.3.4 Unload a Tank Using a Tanker

10.3.5 Separator

10.3.6 Status Change


11 2D and 3D Visualization

11.1.5 Dynamic Creation of 2D Animation Structures

11.1.6 Simple 2D Icon Animations

11.2 Plant Simulation 3D

11.2.1 Introduction to Plant Simulation 3D

11.2.2 Navigation in the 3D Scene

11.2.3 Formatting 3D Objects Load 3D Graphics Transformations Animation Paths 3D

11.2.4 3D State Icons (LEDs)

11.2.5 MU Animation

11.2.6 Length-oriented Objects in 3D

11.2.7 Textured Plate

11.3 3D Animation

11.3.1 Self-animations, Named Animations

11.3.2 SimTalk 3D Animations, Unnamed Animations

11.3.3 Camera Animations Attach Camera Camera Path Animations

11.3.4 Manipulation of 3D Objects


12 Integrate Energy Consumption and Costs

12.1 Simulation of Energy Consumption

12.1.1 Energy Consumption—Basic Behavior

12.1.2 Energy Profiles

12.1.3 Energy Consumption in the Periphery of Machines


13 Statistics

13.4.3 The HTML Report (V. 12)


14 Data Exchange and Interfaces

14.2 The COM Interface

14.2.1 Read Data from Plant Simulation

14.2.2 Write Data, Call Methods, Respond to Events

14.3 The ActiveX Interface

14.3.1 ActiveX and Excel

14.3.2 ActiveX Data Objects (ADO, ADOX)

14.6 SQLite interface

14.6.1 Create Databases and Tables

14.6.2 Working with SQLite Databases

14.6.3 SQL Functions in SQLite

14.7 The XML Interface

14.7.1 Introduction in XML

14.7.2 Read in XML Files into Tables

14.7.3 The XML Interface Integrating an XML File into the Model Select Nodes and Read Values Changing Data in XML files


Steffen Bangsow
freelance simulation specialist  

Re: Announcement: New Plant Simulation book

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

The electronic version of the book is now available at SpringerLink:


The paper version will be available July 14, 2015.

Steffen Bangsow
freelance simulation specialist