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Assembly strategy (supermarket? sorter?)




I've to build a model where 4 sources originates many entity parts (e.g. 400 types, 100 each) with different names. Then assembly stations picks from a list of containers and depending on the container type picks and assemble some of the 500 part types.


I've not much experience so I'm looking for some guidance. What is the best strategy to deal with this?

If I put everything in a buffer I can't sort out the parts in the right/needed order. I was thinking about a supermarket or a sorter.


Is there any simple example I can look at? Seems an issue quite common (assembly different parts in different containers).


Any help would be highly appreciated, please! Thank you!


回复: Assembly strategy (supermarket? sorter?)




I analog a small model about "assemble" with 5 parts (    part number is100,100,100,100,200each) by 2 ways .And I post the model in the attachment.


Because you don't post the assemble "BOM list", I assemble the parts with 1 "A",1"B",1"C",1"D",2"E" on 1"pallet".

you will see it when you run the model.


This model is simple ,so you just refer to it .Then you can create the model you want  and post it on the forum if you have specific problem during the modeling. 

Last but not least,I believe the "simulator"(Experts) will give you some valuable suggestion to help you run your model smoothly.


Have a good time!